If you are paying more than $2,500 for your composite, you're paying too much.

Greek Row Photo offers the simplest composite experience out there. Regardless of your chapter size, you always get the best composite experience.

What makes us the best:

1. One simple price

No need to hunt for quotes from multiple companies.  There's no need figure out confusing offers with variable pricing depending on different scenarios. With Greek Row Photo, we have one all-inclusive price: $2,500.  And that's for everything, from the photography to shipping & delivery of your ready-to-hang composite board.

2. Top Quality

We give you the best quality composite for the best price. Producing composites has never been easier or more affordable, and we're able to pass those savings along to your chapter. Our composites are all hand-crafted with the best materials, and are made to match the quality you expect and are used to.

3. fastest delivery

We have the fastest delivery in the composite industry. From the last day of photography through the proofing process, and finally the construction of your composite board, our delivery times average 2-3 weeks.  We pride ourselves in being able to count our delivery time in weeks instead of months.