Greek Row Photo is built from the ground up to make your Bid Day experience the easiest it can be.

How to know if you're with the wrong Bid Day company:

  • Does your photographer ask that paper order forms be filled out on Bid Day?
  • Do you have to collect payments from individual members, and then turn around and pay your photographer in one installment?
  • Is it a hassle to change or cancel orders?
  • Does everyone in your chapter have to wait until the last member has paid before Bid Day photos are delivered?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then yeah, you're with the wrong Bid Day company.

What makes Greek Row Photo better:

1. No order cards and no pressure to buy

At Bid Day, our photographers don't run around with paper order forms asking your members to commit to buying photos.  There's never any sales pitch.  Just quickly pose for your photos at Bid Day and you're done!

2. view and order online

Our bid day photos can be viewed and ordered online, at your convenience.  You finally have the opportunity to see your photos before you purchase to make sure you look the best - just the way it should be.  It's easier, faster, and a better experience.

3. No member billing

Since everything is done online, there is no need for your chapter to collect anything on behalf of the photo company. Each member is able to place her own order, and photos are shipped directly to her once an order is placed.

4. Free Party Pics

Not only do we take your chapter whole house and pledge class photos but we also take party pics throughout your entire event. These photos are posted online in a private gallery for everyone to download and share for free. We know the day can be hectic and we pride ourselves in not only getting the great group photos but also capturing the great candid moments that happen at your Bid Day.