Bid Days & Composites Made Easy

Whether it’s a Bid Day or Composite shoot, Greek Row Photo knows there is only one chance to get your pictures right.  While anybody can promise you the best products or the fastest delivery, Greek Row Photo stands by its claims by delivering your group pictures and composites BEFORE you pay a penny!


FREE Composite Offer

For a limited time, sign with Greek Row Photo and get your first composite for FREE!  Find out how, contact us.



  • Instant proofing
  • 2-3 week delivery, guaranteed
  • Green screen technology
  • Easy online ordering and fast home delivery
  • Great communication and customer service
  • Easy-to-read agreements

Bid Day

  • 10 day delivery
  • 30 days to pay, AFTER we deliver
  • Bigger prints for less money
  • FREE Greek licensed titles and crests
  • Party Pics
  • Free Bid Day video slideshow